simparica for dogs

simparica for dogs

simparica for dogs
simparica for dogs

Monthly tick and flea protection for dogs that keeps going strong for 35 days.

Ticks: Simparica starts killing ticks in 8 hours, reducing the likelihood of transmission of tick-borne pathogens. In a clinical study, Simparica for dogs was shown to block the transmission of Lyme disease and anaplasmosis from deer ticks to dogs.

Fleas: Simparica starts killing fleas in 3 hours to provide rapid relief for pets with fleas even dogs with flea allergic dermatitis (FAD).Simparica kills fleas before the reproductive breakpoint, meaning before they lay eggs. Simparica effectively protects pets and homes from infestations for 35 days.

Quick kill provides patient comfort and can protect against flea infestations and tick-borne diseases. Simparica's monthly dosing makes it easy for clients to stick with a routine. Plus, if they lose a few days late, it’s okay, Simparica continues to kill fleas and ticks for up to 35 days.1 So you can rest assured you’re not leaving your patients with risky gaps in protection.
- Peak efficacy lasts for a full 35 days

leaving no risky gaps. Simparica for dogs will help practices compete against over-the-counter (OTC) brands and bring tick and flea protection back into the practice. Even if practices apply a 75% to 100% mark-up, clients may still pay less per dose for Simparica (after rewards program) than they do if they purchase Frontline® Plus online or at a low-cost retailer. Dispensing tick and flea protection to clients improves the economic health of practices and provides clients with a premium product at an affordable price.
- premium product without the premium price tag.

if you or your clients feel that Simparica for dogs (sarolaner) isn’t providing sufficient tick and flea protection or if your client suspects that the dog may have Lyme disease, they can call our medical support team to discuss the Simparica Satisfaction Guarantee.

Zoetis will work with them to ensure they are satisfied with the performance of Simparica, or refund the cost of the product.

• The Simparica Satisfaction Guarantee is available to any veterinarian or pet owner who has purchased Simparica from a veterinarian or via a veterinarian’s prescription from a Zoetis-approved online distributor.

Zoetis will cover reasonable diagnostic and treatment cost for suspected cases of canine Lyme Disease, for qualified patients. For more details, contact Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support at 1-888-Zoetis1

From pocket pet to mastiff, Simparica has a size for all patients, starting with dogs as small as 2.8 lbs.

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