top 10 smartest dog breeds! Will make you love her

top 10 smartest dog breeds! Will make you love her

smartest dog breeds!
 smartest dog breeds! 

scientists claim to have developed a test to assess the IQ of dogs, a process that could help determine some long-term health problems in humans. a study conducted by the london school of economics and the university of edinburgh found that the dog's intelligence works in the same way as ours, so researchers hope to find a direct link between intelligence and human health. It will still take time to get conclusive results, but in the meantime, here are the 10 most intelligent dog breeds available.

1-The Border Collie:
Collie is considered the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. this breed of dog was once used for grazing. today it is spreading more and more in the world of domestication thanks to its incredible intelligence which allows it to reproduce difficult tricks quickly. however, you cannot abandon it. you have to give him a lot of time and keep him busy so that he is happy. despite everything, he remains very affectionate and docile!

2-The Poodle:
in second position the poodle, this small animal is very intelligent and energetic. Former water hunter, this dog, often used during circus acts, is very lively. He has a loving character and a joie de vivre. be careful not to leave him alone, he is a breed of dog very close to their master. It could make him nervous.

3-The German Shepherd:
the most famous guard dog comes in 3rd position! the german shepherd is often used in the police force because of his ability to follow instructions to the letter and his ability to learn quickly. however, it can also very well perform the role of a domestic dog. it is enough to socialize him well during his education. despite their impressive wolf-like physique, you can cuddle them without any problems (as long as you are part of their family of course).

4-The Golden Retriever
do you want a dog close to your family and especially very patient with your children? Have a Golden Retriever. this dog has the merit of being very gentle and intelligent. in addition to possessing strong obedience and a high ability to learn tricks, he can keep your children busy with very little risk. it is his stability and willingness to be an active part of your family that makes him the ideal companion!

5-The Doberman
The Doberman in his aggressive appearance can be quite affectionate, just don't rush him and be very careful when educating him. On the other hand, he proves to have an intelligence and courage worthy of this top. Faithful and very good at following orders, the Doberman can become a very good watchdog. However, please give him love and the opportunity to walk and run so that he can flourish more easily.

6-The Shetland Shepherd:
as its name suggests, this dog from the Shetland Islands was used as a shepherd. This faithful dog has a strong bond with its owner and family. He has a very high intelligence which makes him effective at obeying orders and learning many tricks. Like all the dogs mentioned above, the Shetland Sheepdog needs attention and above all the possibility of doing activities that will require his intelligence.

Often compared to the Golden Retriever, Labrador is a very family dog. Not because of his stability but because of his very playful and happy character. Labrador has a great ability to learn tricks quickly if you reward it well. However, we must be careful with his strength, of which he is not necessarily aware. He could hurt your children without wanting to. However, it remains a very affectionate companion that has made its place in the most popular companion dogs.

8-Continental Dwarf Spaniel
More commonly called the Butterfly because of its ears, the Continental Dwarf Spaniel is a very affectionate breed of dog whose only purpose is to stay with its master. If you want to teach him tricks, know that he will be perfectly capable as long as you apply the positive reinforcement.

9-The Rottweiler
unfortunately, the rottweiler is now too often used for negative purposes and has a bad reputation. however, they are affectionate and calm dogs by nature and possess an extraordinary fidelity. he's just being vigilant with strangers. so if you want an intelligent dog that is strong and gentle at the same time. look no further than the rottweiler. however, please educate him properly and carefully so that he does not become nervous.

10-Australian Shepherd Dog
The Australian shepherd as his fellow Shetland and Border Collie were considered as a grazing dog. It is his great intelligence and instinct to lead and guard a herd that made him a very important sheepdog. However, this dog is not recommended for people who have no experience with training in general.

if you want to adopt one of these dogs, keep in mind that it will not be "easy" to teach them tricks either and that it will require a lot of patience. Moreover, a dog is not a toy, they need love and attention. So if you don't feel ready to take your dog out every day for a minimum of one hour of exercise. Consider adopting another breed of dog that is quieter.

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