top 15 breeds of rare and little-known dogs

top 15 breeds of rare and little-known dogs

breeds rare and little known dogs
breeds of rare and little-known dogs

There are many breeds of dogs in the world, the number of which varies according to the situation. Some breeds are very old, while others are just emerging. Crossbreeding over time has led to the birth of new races, while wars and many other aspects have led to the extinction of other races.

Currently, the International Dog Federation (FCI) recognizes around 350 dog breeds worldwide and few people know them all. For this reason, on Animal Planet, we have gathered together a few races that you are unlikely to know or of which you know little. So don't wait any longer and consult these 15 little-known dog breeds that we will introduce you to in this article.

The puli
The first of the rare breeds of dogs is the Puli, also known as the Hungarian Puli, which originates from Hungary and was used for grazing and monitoring sheep. Almost extinct during the Second World War, the Puli has a faithful and active temperament and is an excellent companion dog. These dogs are easy to train and are therefore perfect for agility events.

The Clumber Spaniel
The Clumber Spaniel is one of the rare hunting dog breeds from Great Britain that takes its name from the Clumber Park where the Duke of Newcastle discovered these dogs. Although they have been used as hunting dogs, Clumbers are not particularly fast or active but are good trackers. They are often seen to carry objects in their mouths as if they were presenting trophies. Currently, the clumber is only used as a companion dog and has a good and affectionate character.

The cirneco of Etna
The cirneco of Etna is a breed of dog little known outside Sicily, its place of origin. He is a dog that has trouble getting used to living in the city, so he needs constant exercise and a lot of activity. Even if it is a very loyal animal, the cirneco is a difficult dog to train. It has large, straight ears, one of the most distinctive characteristics of this breed.

The Mexican Hairless Dog (Xoloitzcuintle)
The Mexican Hairless Dog, xolo, aztec dog, naked Mexican dog or naked Mexican dog is one of the rare breeds of dogs from Mexico, as its name suggests. It is very popular in its country and its origin is very old, dating back to the Mayans and Aztecs who used these dogs to protect their homes from evil spirits. These Mexican dogs with or without hair are very noble and can be found in different sizes:
Toy: 26-23 cm
Medium: 38-51 cm
Standard: 51-76 cm

The Persian greyhound or Saluki
This rare breed of dog called the Persian greyhound originated in the Middle East and was considered the royal dog of ancient Egypt, which is why some people believe it is the oldest breed of domestic dog. This elegant greyhound has a physical structure optimized to reach high speeds and can have a coat of different colors. As for the character, Persian greyhounds are calm, peaceful and very faithful.

The Schipperke
The schipperke is a small sheepdog of Belgian origin, more precisely from Flanders. They are one of the most active, curious and energetic rare breeds of dogs and, despite their size, they require a lot of exercises and daily training. They are ideal as watchdogs and their most curious characteristic is that they have the appearance of foxes. Schipperkes love water and chasing small rodents.

The Plott hound
Another of the rare breeds of dogs that exist is the Plott hound, a working dog, not a companion dog, originally bred in Germany to hunt wild boar and exported to North Carolina (USA) for bear hunting. At present, this dog is still used as a hunting dog and is particularly effective when hunting in packs. These American beagles are dogs that need space for exercise and should not live in apartments or small spaces. Plott Hound likes to interact with people and play in the water.

The Visigoth spitz
The Visigothic spitz, a Swedish Viking or Vallhund dog, is native to Sweden, as its name suggests. This sheepdog appeared during the Viking era and was used as a guard dog to hunt rodents and lead cattle. The Vallhund likes to feel desired and is very loyal to its master, but can be booked with strangers. In addition, he can compete in several dog sports for his great ability to learn and has a courageous and strong personality and is full of energy. It is considered as the canine symbol of Sweden.

The Brie shepherd
another of the rare breeds of dogs to date, we find the brie shepherd or briard, from France. during the Second World War, this dog was used as a sentinel dog, messenger, and locator of wounded soldiers thanks to its great sense of hearing. currently, the brie Shepherd is used as a sheepdog, guard and companion dog. this dog is very energetic and intelligent, but he is also a little stubborn and has a great need for affection from his family.

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier
The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is another little-known breed that exists today. It is a small dog of Scottish origin that owes its name to a character in the novel Guy Mannering written by Sir Walter Scott in 1815. In the past, they were used to hunt foxes, otters or badgers and they also appeared in paintings representing the nobility of Scotland. The Dandie Dinmont is a faithful, peaceful and tolerant dog, long with short legs, serving both as a companion and guard dog.

The otterhound
This little-known breed of dog called Otterhound is also known as an otter dog because these dogs love water and are very resistant to cold, and are therefore used to chase otters in burrows and rivers. This breed of UK-born dog has a serene and cheerful personality and needs a high dose of physical activity every day, so it is recommended not to have an Otterhound in small spaces. Due to the ban on otter hunting, this working dog is now considered a companion dog and is in danger of extinction, as only 51 specimens remain in the United Kingdom.

The little lion dog or Löwchen
another of the rare breeds of dogs on the planet is the Löwchen or small lion dog whose exact origin is unknown, but the FCI suggests that it is of French origin. the name of this breed comes from the typical haircut made to these dogs and not from a natural phenotypic characteristic. these dogs are active, affectionate and resilient animals, whose breed is the rarest in the world. They are also brave dogs that challenge larger animals and are easy to train.

The harrier
The harrier is another of the rare breeds of dogs that come from crossbreeding between beagles and foxhounds and is native to England. With similar physical characteristics to its predecessors, this dog is also known as the "Steroid Beagle", because it is a strong and muscular dog. The harrier has a joyful, sociable and calm personality, and with great ease of learning. In the past, these dogs were used as hunting dogs for hares, foxes, and rabbits, but today they are excellent companion dogs.

The Bergamo Shepherd
The Bergamo Shepherd is a breed of Italian origin used as a guard and grazing dog, but they are also perfect as companion dogs, as they are excellent companions close to their families. this dog is a docile, strong, loyal and hardworking dog with a rustic and robust structure. The layer of hair similar to sheep's wool with rough bristles keeps this breed of dog warm all the time while they walk in the mountains of the Italian Alps.

The Keeshonden or wolf spitz
Last but not least, we find the wolf spitz to put an end to the rare breeds of dogs that we have chosen to introduce you to. The wolf spitz, also called keeshond, is an energetic dog that needs a lot of exercise and space. Its characteristic coat makes it one of the most admired breeds in the world thanks to its resemblance to a stuffed animal. This dog is docile and loyal to its owners and has a special affection for children. It is also tolerant of strangers and other animals, it is an excellent companion or guard dog.

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