bearded collie

bearded collie

bearded collie dog breed
bearded collie

The Bearded Collie:
Little is known about the origin of the Bearded Collie and its history as well as the history of the exact origin is represented differently. they were found in Scotland as early as 1897. at dog shows and of course as working dogs for farmers. according to the type, he should be the shaggy shepherd dogs, whose original home is in eastern Europe/Asia. One supposes that he with the cattle, sheep and other animals bought there.

I was coming to England with my cattle. as early as the 15th century Bearded Collies in Scotland Shepherding sheep. However, they should not only but also against predators. and cattle thieves. The first world war interrupted the development of the race and only in the '30s Beardies registered by name was again is on display. It was not until 1944 that today's Bearded Collie. Many animals were bred outside the English Kennel Club because they were the most important time herding dogs, which independently sheep to guard. Independence is also the reason why the Beardie to other breeds of a there's a certain superiority.

His name Bearded Collie or "Beardie" (pronounce: Beardie):
he heard from his beard, which is over his lips and from the Chin grows. The whole body is denser, soft, furry undercoat and long, rough and strong topcoat hairs up to around the overgrown barrels. His color dress is varied:
all shades of grey and brown are allowed.

the beardie is a temperamental dog, who with his slim body despite his dense coat doesn't look clumsy. He is child-friendly and good-natured. The attentive and adventurous expression is a characteristic feature of the breed.

As a lively, active dog, he also needs a lot of exercise and activity. The Beardie is robust and resistant, but sensitive. It is not suitable for the kennel position, as he has contact to his family needs. Every single Beardie's a very Personality. Through their high sensitivity, they orient themselves on their people. They are ideal family dogs.

With the right attitude to dog education, you can give them tricks or teach dog dancing. agility is for his sporty dog a real pleasure. there are beardies, which with much joy tribal beardies who play the sleigh in the winter. and Beardies, who are used as therapy dogs for and help a lot of people to get a piece to get my life's happiness back. Of course, many Beardies still own good hats

- properties: which can be achieved in the right way. can be promoted and used. Some beardies tend to like to play with them to show off his joie de vivre by barking. a character trait is missing in the office

- breed standard: they could be best with adaptability, because whatever life may be like for them to do tasks. they like to fulfill them. Beardies like

as an original working dog, the beardie no special care. It only needs to be

- brushed, but cut and polished the fur doesn't need to be. a long-haired dog needs more care and brings more dirt within the house as a short-haired dog, this should be considered in the choice of this breed note. The breed standard requires a dop

- pell-layered fur, consisting of soft, furry and a thick undercoat and a harsh, smooth topcoat. the amount of coat should be as follows

- it's true that it protects the dog, but it doesn't hide the contour of the body. It is enough to have an adult Bearded Collie every 2 - 3 weeks. a young dog, which is in the change of coat, one should, however, brush thoroughly once a week and it's important already to slow the puppy down to get used to it.

So anyone who wants an original, lovable personality, a tender, cheerful tempera

- and vigilance without exaggerating the sharpness seeks comes full with a beardie at his expense.

With its many positive characteristics, the Bearded Collie is a suitable dog for modern families and also single families People. and that neither the little sticks and sand in the house nor the fur care are serious problems, shows that the following

Truth applies to very many Beardie owners:
There is only one thing that is better than a Beardie - the: two Beardies!

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