best 7 dog games and puppies

best 7 dog games and puppies

puppy plays with a ball
dog games and puppies( puppy plays with a ball)

Play is about FUN! So many people treat play as an exercise, it’s not an exercise, it’s playing and you don’t want to have too many rules - it will suck the joy from the play! Those who can play together will stay together! You may get worried about who is the boss and who should win, well this isn’t the point at all with play - we need to open our mindset to a whole new world, a fun world that can incorporate super fun play.

Remember a fun bond is one that will last a lifetime and through play and great relationships you can beat almost any struggle, it can be based on trust, fun, play, and joy! So lose yourself, lower those inhibitions, get on your hands and knees, make sounds like Tarzan, roll on your back and fling your arms in the air, put your 19 stereos on loud, turn the volume up and do whatever it takes to let go and enjoy playing with your puppy, they will love it!

We like to have music on in the background as it really helps to bring our energy UP - remember whatever it takes for you then just do it!

Keep your play sessions fast, exciting and fun! Short, sweet, high energy and engaged is the key to success. Those who can play together will stay together!

Give your pups easy wins, let them take the lead, let them feel super strong, let them have their toy and parade it and most of all enjoy spending some good quality time together. We love to play with our dogs every day in some way and so will you, try a variety of good quality and fun toys and bring them out as a special occasion rather than having them out at all times. We don’t have 24/7 availability, they come out as and when they are needed.

1- confidence games
we at absolute dogs love:
Noise box - Can your dog eat from a noise box? What on earth is a noise box I hear Do you cry? Well a box with anything you have that you can play in, maybe some leftover unused packaging or a big piece of bubble wrap, some balls or tin foil, maybe even an old baking tray - really you name the game and it’s a great way to recycle your unwanted items for at least a few weeks.

This game builds the concept of being ok with noises, and novelty - in fact, noises are super fun and mean food and a good time.

All you need is a box and any recycling that is safe for your dog to move around safely. Scatter some of your dog’s regular food into the noise box and off you go, it’s very simple! However, it’s important to build up slowly with your pup – even if he seems super confident, 25 softly catch your monkey. We have been surprised by some dogs reactions to novelty so initially, you may only want to put one item in, or even no items in your noise box until you see that your puppy is happy eating and just chilling around the box itself.

Climb inside - Another example would be asking your dog to climb inside something, can you think creatively?

Using a bin, suitcase or barrel or anything you have that could work on its side can be great for this, it’s a novel experience! First of all, we look for any interaction with the bin/barrel and then softly we need to move it on, perhaps a nose in, then a little more…and so on. Remember to keep the bin/barrel still and supported whilst your dog is getting used to climbing inside.

Once they are leaping in and super optimistic, you can move the bin/barrel slightly from side to side for an extension to this game and add in a level of movement. If you use a suitcase you can use the lid for novelty! We love to grow and teach confidence in our dogs!

restrained recalls
This game is super for not only building up your recall but also tolerance of frustration and a fraction of arousal training for later on.

Okay, this is truly one of our absolute dog's favorites, we simply LOVE it! So what is a restrained recall? Restrained recalls are where you have someone hold your dog, or gently restrain your dog, walk away or run if you are feeling energetic and give the recall cue.

To start with, the person restraining the pup should let go immediately and in a timely fashion, the pup does need to be able to locate the handler.

The distance you walk/run away from your pup should be appropriate to their age and development and then build it up from there!

If you train by yourself regularly and can’t borrow someone, play this game with a long line attached to your pup’s harness and restrain your pup by holding the line on one side of a tree, lamp post or park bench, come on let’s get creative!

Now with you on one end and your dog on the other, you have restraint, now you simply need to amp it up and then decide the right moment to let go! when your pup catches up with you, reward with high energy and tell them what superstars they truly are and make the reward be like.

3- Mouse game
Have some food in the palm of your hand or place some food on the floor for your pup. If your dog goes to take the food, either close your fist quickly but gently or use your hand to cover the food on the floor, think of it like caging the mouse.

Remain calm, unexciting and deliberate in covering the food and make sure you are playing with a hungry dog – your dog may try various tactics to try and get the food from under your hand. Remember clawing, pawing, barking, and biting are all options but not the choices that you will pay!

Your dog will at some point back away even if it’s a minimal weight shift you need to watch closely for it! As your dog backs away and shows some impulse control, open your fist or lift your hand from the floor.

If your dog goes to take the food, either close your fist quickly but gently or use your hand to cover the food on the floor, think of it like caging the mouse if your dog doesn’t go to take the food then give them a piece or encourage them to get it. if they go to grab the food again, simply cover it as before - cage that mouse! This is a basic manners game and it’s a GREAT one! This is a super fun game for teaching basic and very gentle impulse control.

4- Toy switch
This game is insanely amazing! switch! okay, so how is this a game that has made the cut? well seriously, we wouldn’t be without it! So what do we need to do, switch between toys by animating the one your dog is not currently playing with and practice until your pup will happily switch between toys readily as and when you offer them - this teaches adaptability and flexibility from day one.

This communicates to your dog that you are always the best thing in the town, the environment has nothing on you and it is a super good exercise of arousal balance and being flexible in the responses they can choose!

Step 1: Ideally use a couple of toys that are
the same or multiples of the same toy, the more identical the better,

Step 2: Release your pup to play on to one toy with a ‘get it’ or your release cue. Animate the game and excite your dog but don’t go crazy we have to swap in a second and this
can be super tough!

Step 3: As your pup plays and engages with that toy, let it go…your pup still has it, pick up you're next toy and give them the release cue for them to get that new toy with you. We use a SWITCH! But the word can be anything that suits you!

Step 4: If your dog won’t switch then immobilize the first toy until they will switch to the fun and animated one! You can also include a bit of body contact. It helps to build confidence and resilience for future real-life events. Body contact is optional and not essential at this stage. All we mean by body contact is a gentle stroke or a little touch in the play!

Step 5: Try and be ready to pick up your next toy to make the game slick and fun. Preparation is everything!

5- Game Pablo Puppy (Walking Dog)
Supplies You Will Need:
paper (for the printer)
a piece of cardboard 17” x 22”
cardboard cut into 10 small pieces, each ¾” x ¾”
glue or paste

How to Construct the Pablo Game Board

1. Print the nine cards in the Pablo Puppy game. There will be this list of instructions, 4 pages that will create your board and 4 sheets of playing cards!
2. Trim the 4 board game pages of the board along the dotted lines.
3. Glue or paste the four pages onto a 17” x 22” piece of cardboard. If you don’t have a piece of cardboard just tape the paper together with transparent tape. Take a look at the gameboard here to see how the pieces fit together.
4. Cut out the ten playing pieces in the upper right corner of this page.

5. Glue or paste the playing pieces onto the ¾” x ¾ “ pieces of cardboard. Ask a grownup for help if the cardboard is hard to cut up.

6. Find the 4 sheets of playing cards, cut them out along the dotted lines. Put them in a pile and shuffle them. Put them face down in the box that says “cards.”
7. Now you’re ready to play!

1. Pick a dog or cat to walk and place him or her in the START HERE space. Give your dog or cat a name!
2. Choose who will go first: on small pieces of paper. Number each piece from 1 through 10. If you only have four players, write 1 through 4, and so on. Fold the pieces of paper and put them in a hat or a bowl. Stir up the pieces of paper and pick out a number. Whoever gets #1 goes first, etc.

3. Take turns picking a card from the stack. After you follow the instructions, place the card in the discard pile.

4. Have some fun! Each time you and your pooch move forward, bark or meow! Each time you have to move back, whine!

5. Continue playing until your dog or cat becomes safe!

6- game 
Tracing a tripe bar
Some dried tripe bars
- Dried tripe bar
- 2 meter of rope
- An assistant (trackwalker) Preparations
- attach the dried tripe bar to the rope the activity
- Let the assistant drag the bar over the ground in order to make a track.
- The assistant must hide behind something and must remain there until you and your dog found the assistant.
- You can also choose to just find the tripe bar
Points of attention.
- Start literally step by step, simple and in plain sight.
Later on, you can always extend the track with length hand corners.
- The dog needs to have success in order to like this game.
- Give the dog time to sniff and use his nose. when you are talking too much or when you trigger one of his other senses the tracking will most likely fail because of a dog is only able to focus on one sense at a time.
finders keepers! Give the dog plenty of time and space to eat his reward (the bar).
Important: what you search for you must find! Don't replace the guitar with another dog snack. This will be a great disappointment for the dog and will have a negative effect on his enthusiasm.
Dogs who are possessive with food must be given plenty of space and rest to eat the reward. Don't try to take away the reward and don't punish the dog when he tries to defend the reward. After all, it is HIS reward since he found it successfully!

7-game Tricks!
Tricks may seem frivolous to us, but to your dog, they are just another fun training exercise. I like to teach tricks that amuse, amaze or have a practical purpose.
1. Ask your dog to lie down. watch to see that he rolls onto one hip, rather than lying in a ‘sphinx’ position.
2. Hold a piece of food tightly between finger and thumb and move it down and round, aiming for the corner of his mouth. Watch for his paw coming up, over your hand, as his body starts to roll.

Rollover benefits:
This trick teaches dogs to concentrate, to resist grabbing food and to control their body movements.
3. Follow through with your hand, keeping the food right by the corner
of your dog’s mouth as he rolls. Click and treat when he’s upright.
4. Practice until your dog is really confident rolling over. now try the same routine, but without having the food in your hand. Finally, you can cue
the behavior by saying, “Rollover,” just before moving your hand to prompt it.

Developing skills in your new puppy through games is the most enriching and empowering transition you will make. Games prepare your puppy for their future life, allowing them to approach each new and exciting situation with the right skills, minimizing the fallout, bad choices and bad experiences.

9 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog | Great Ideas to Have Fun with Kids

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