dogs that don't shed 22 hypoallergenic breeds

dogs that don't shed 22 hypoallergenic breeds

Basenji-dogs that don't shed
Basenji-dogs that don't shed

-President-elect Obama says the main criterion for his family's first dog would be whether it is hypoallergenic since his daughter Malia is allergic.
a look at dog breeds that might be good candidates:
Breeds that typically don't shed:
2_Bichon frise
3_Portuguese water dogs
6_Westies (West Highland White Terriers)
7_Scottish Terriers
9- Shih Tzu
10- Brussels Griffon
11- Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
12- Kerry Blue Terrier
13- Havanese
14- Irish Water Spaniel
15- Cairn Terrier
16- Labradoodle
17- Border Terrier
18- Yorkshire Terrier
19- Australian Silky Terrier
20- Bouvier des Flandres
21- Basenji
22-Tibetan Terrier

1- The Maltese Terrier:
Many choose to cut the coat to minimize the amount of brushing.
They like the company and adore their humans.

2- Chinese Crested:
They first appear in written history around the 1500s, and even then explorers encountered them in Central and South America as well as Africa and Asia. most are hairless, but there is a variety with a double, straight, and soft coat called a powderpuff. the two types can be seen in the same litter, but the powderpuff is genetically recessive and will disappear with time. Chinese crested is clever and good at learning tricks. They covet the company and need to be a part of the family.

3- Poodle:
this friendly breed sheds next to nothing come in three sizes and welcomes all sorts of activities.
the patches of hair were intended to protect vital organs and joints. there are many different ways to trim the Poodles’ hair. Poodles are active dogs and need exercise to stay happy. they do great in many dog sports, as service dogs, and even as circus performers.

4- Kerry Blue Terrier:
The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in Ireland and has been used for hunting, retrieving, and herding both sheep and cattle. the Irish commoners developed the Kerry when the nobility started to use Irish wolfhounds to protect their hunting grounds from poachers. the Kerry blue terrier helped the commoners to keep hunting, in silence, without risking discovery. these dogs have a distinctive appearance with a soft, dense, and wavy coat. as adults they’re gray, but the puppies are born black and their coat will fade until their around 18 months old. without both physical and mental stimulation they get bored and can become destructive. this breed was created to work, and they do best with a job to do. Early socialization with other dogs, cats, and other animals is a must to get a dog that will get along with others. These dogs can be quite stubborn as well, and require training.

5- Havanese:
The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba, and its ancestors arrived at the island from Tenerife in the early 16th century. the breed has an interesting history even today; every dog that lives outside of Cuba stems from 11 dogs that fled with their owners at the time of revolution. this is a small and sturdy breed. their coat looks warm, but it has developed to insulate and protect the dogs from the tropical Havanese are friendly and become very attached to their families. they are known for being affectionate, intelligent, playful, and easy to train. this is a quiet breed too; many Havanese never bark, and they get along well with dogs, cats, and other pets. a Havanese generally weighs between seven and thirteen pounds and does well with a medium PlexiDor dog door.

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